The services we offer are creative, unique, and innovative.

La Maison Demeure has two key services:

  • a creative studio for bespoke design and research to meet the individual requirements of all our clients
  • a leather digital printing workshop at the cutting edge of innovation utilising high definition technology.

With our broad range of expertise, our team uses their creativity, craftsmanship and dedication to develop projects from graphic design through to digital printing.

Why La Maison Demeure?

  • High quality digital printing in different sizes and volumes. We can also print on semi-finished or finished product.
  • A creative studio with our own designers dedicated to your projects (samples, prototypes, consulting, design).
  • A vision with a « french touch » in constant development.

For further information contact our team at any time, we are ready to take your call.


The beginning of La Maison Demeure’s story, takes place in Berlin (Germany) in 2012. Charlotte Cazal, artistic director, weaves a creative DNA from her research onto old fabrics and prints of her drawings. She then gathers a team and Demeure was born.

In 2013, Demeure wins Maisons de Mode‘s first prize and settles in the north of France, a region renowned for its rich heritage in textiles

Thanks to our exclusive expertise which mixes art, fashion and digital printing, Demeure creates high end ready-to-wear and accessories collections, showcasing its creativity and innovation.

In 2014 the company expands and diversifies, becoming La Maison Demeure, a very unique brand that combines :
a fabric and leather digital printing workshop (placed print and all over designs),
a creative studio (graphic design and collections),
a research and development lab for innovation and creation of strong, added value products.
the showroom of La Maison Demeure.

Today La Maison Demeure is specialised in leather digital printing, and offers bespoke services tailor-made to the most ambitious printing projects for its prestigious clientele.


La Maison Demeure is above all a story of human beings, written by women with unique and complementary profiles, passionate about art, beautiful materials, craftsmanship, innovation, machines and exceptional skills.

To share and transmit is at the heart of the process.

La Maison Demeure aims to integrate into an existing value chain by bringing a creative and innovative added value.

The company favors French manufacturing and surrounds itself with an ecosystem of partners with common values.


Since its beginnings La Maison Demeure is anxious to create and produce in the most neutral conditions for the environment: to minimize waste and discharge, to opt for materials recycling, to favor natural materials, to produce on demand, …

La Maison Demeure has chosen digital technologies to develop a process that ensures its customers a qualitative and sustainable product over time.

The company works with inks approved according to REACH régulations.


Thanks to its research and development studio and its passion for innovation, La Maison Demeure explores new, alternative and unexpected materials in response to the needs of its customers.

Call for project

Residence, tripartite collaboration, production of objects, research project, etc.

In its collaborative dynamic and with the desire to open up to the world, of today and tomorrow, La Maison Demeure launches a limitless call for projects with of course print as an epicenter. Artists, creative people, fashion companies, industries, from everywhere, if our work inspires you, or if it simply makes you want us to meet, send us your ideas, your presentations or any element that represent the most your work and your personality at

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