Above all, La Maison Demeure is an adventure that begins with encounters. Women and men passionate about working with materials. Artistic creativity and technological innovation. Technical and transversal skills to sublimate leather. A photo documentary to discover on our website. A company that is growing, changing and moving forward. La Maison Demeure has a life of its…

Commitment charter

COMMITMENT CHARTERA CHANGING WORLD The fashion industry is strongly impacted by the Covid-19: suppliers, brands, designers. This event determines a period of transition to new consumption and production habits. As a result, the house plans to participate in this perspective alongside its customers, partners, collaborators and colleagues. Design, craft, research and innovation for a new…


Here find some pictures that are used to make the designs.  If you want to visit the patterns collection gallery, request your personal access to the secret way at For more informations, contact us at

Other technics

Based at 26 rue Favreuil, à Roubaix en France, the creative factory brings together production technologies in a multi-technical workshop of leather ennoblement. Screenprinting, embossing, spray, laser engraving and perforation on full skins or panels, on leather or flesh. For more information, contact us at

La Maison Demeure - Cuir d'agneau - Album échantillons impression numérique sur cuir - Savoir-FaireLa Maison Demeure - impression sur cuir

Leather digital printing expertise

Leather digital printing expertise La Maison Demeure specialist in digital printing and creative studio is developing since 2014 a leather digital printing expertise for the production of exclusive high definition prints. For more information contact our team For more images instagram/lamaisondemeure


Collaboration with Nicolas Kowalski To prepare his Spring Summer 2019 print collection, La Maison Demeure has collaborated with photographer Nicolas Kowalski on a series of images inspired by matter, nature, pigments, movement. In his Parisian studio, a creative dialogue begins. Nicolas Kowalski captures the essence and spontaneity proposed by La Maison Demeure and transposes them into…

Fabric printing

The creative studio of La Maison demeure makes innovative and uniques high definition printings. Specialized in digital printing on leather, La Maison Demeure offers its expertise of fabric digital printing from design to proguction. For more information contact us at

Impression textile 3

Fabric digital printing

Fabric digital printing expertise La Maison Demeure’s creative studio produces innovative and unique prints in high definition. Specialist in leather digital printing, La Maison Demeure also offers its expertise of textile printing from design to production. For more information contact our team.