The fashion industry is strongly impacted by the Covid-19: suppliers, brands, designers. This event determines a period of transition to new consumption and production habits. As a result, the house plans to participate in this perspective alongside its customers, partners, collaborators and colleagues.

Design, craft, research and innovation for a new kind of profession centered around the image. Transparency, ethics and the environment are at the heart of La Maison Demeure’s values, for a responsible and united industry.




  • In a desire to reduce the ecological footprint but also to enhance French know-how:
    -Develop a TURNKEY service bringing together other manufacturing stages
    -Combine innovation and tradition: integrate craft techniques little or more
    -Represented on French territory with innovative techniques to expand our know-how made in France.
    -Collaborative work : create a map of local, creative, complementary collaborations
    -Establish a charter with our partners
    -Analyze the company, trace our purchases in order to define an improvement program.
    -Establish the most responsible freight transport logic possible. On which scale is this possible on our level ?
  • Establish an LMD label
  • Rationalize and improve our energy consumption







  • People and their interactions at the center of our work: the very particular work methodology developed by Charlotte Cazal, partly based on communication, intuition and the technical challenge must resonate with the profiles and personalities of the members of her team and form a network of complementary qualities. Everyone guarantees the DNA of the house and the quality of work.
  • Handle the production line, grow with it, improve yourself while improving it:
    -Digital design
    -Creation by hand
    -The graphic chain
    -Engines and technologies
    -The substracts
    -Knowledge of an article
    -A passion for fashion!
  • For each project, LMD establishes processes for stakeholders and applies meticulous quality control at each stage in dialogue with the client and production stakeholders.
  • Duty of information and transparency. All information concerning the technical aspects is defined at the launch of the project in dialogue and transparency with the client in the form of specifications. Afterwards, LMD undertakes to transmit all the information required at each stage of the process.
  • Ongoing team training is a priority in order to guarantee quality and innovation on a daily basis :
    -Technical developement
    -Incorporation of new techniques
    -Exchange with a network of professionals and consultants
    -Cultural enrichment


WASTE & CIRCULAR ECONOMY, nothing is lost, everything is recovered

  • Leather is in itself a waste product of the food industry that our businesses strive to make noble and durable.
  • No packaging is thrown away but is re-used for a future shipment.
  • Certain workshop or logistics materials are sourced in upcycling networks.
  • The customer’s textile and leather scraps are used throughout the life of the project and are made available to the customer on request.
  • Selective sorting is implemented throughout the site.
  • Minimizing waste is one of our priorities.

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