This period of confinement makes us aware of the opportunity we have to think about our passion, our role in our work that we cherish so much.

Of course, we think about our factory, our place for collaborative work, exigent like the image we want to transmit, creation oriented to present time, heritage, technologies, with these men and women who, all together, make possible all the projects we develop. This place that we are excited to sharing and discovering with our customers and partners. The project of a lifetime and more! In this beautiful factory, we work with insistence on this common promise.

When everything stops, as it never happened before, we must take this time to question ourself. Respect, engagement, inclusiveness, very important for us, are vectors of our work. We will come back stronger with these tools in our hands to build the path of a creative activity in its time, that we take, that we understand and that we will have to take care of for gerenarions to come.