With an endless desire to evolve, La Maison Demeure develops new printing technics. To meet evolving customer needs, the creative factory adapts its comprehensive range of services to achieve innovative leather printing projects, in its workshop or with the support of its collaborators network.


Do you know that La Maison Demeure is also specialised in :


EMBOSSING : on all type of leather and other materials.

SCREENPRINTING : white support layer and all kind of printing.

LASER : On leather (on grain and flesh side)and wool leather

UV PRINTING : Last innovative technic with great production capacity, ink specialised for leather.

PERFORATION : Creation of perforated patterns through the leather completing the printing. 

SPRAY/AEROGRAPH : Work by hand on all kind of leather, an artistic and technical developed skills.

PROJECT AND MANUFACTURING MANAGEMENT : Advices, management, realisation of most creative work, in-hoiuse development or with close partners.

Pièce de l'atelier avec des machines